"There are many wonderful businesses in Monmouthshire. I could never mention them all but that shouldn't stop me mentioning any!


Today I want to shamelessly plug the Parsons Nose whose fine locally produced meats can be tasted every Saturday outside the Rolls Hall in Monmouth."


David Davies MP (pictured left)








"My colleagues and I were virtually inconsolable when we discovered that your delicious pies were not available at this week’s Bloomsbury Farmer’s Market. For us, ‘Pie Day’ is the highlight of our working week and the thought of not being able to tuck into one of your spellbinding pies reduces us to weeping and dejected husks of our former selves.

For our peace of mind, please can you assure us that the Parsons Nose will return to Bloomsbury next week? Alternatively, can you let us know where we will be able get to your pies from in the future, so that we can arrange to relocate our business accordingly?"

Your biggest fans,


Tom & The Amberlight Team








"Just wanted to let you know how grateful we were for the fantastic efforts of your guys who contributed to such a successful event for us on Saturday afternoon and evening despite the atrocious conditions. Quite apart from the food, which was absolutely spot on for the occasion and drew loads of compliments (e.g. ’the best pie I’ve ever tasted!’) the quality of service was beyond our expectations with little touches like the printed menus.

Given the inevitable flurry of activity at the barn with guests coming and going I did not get a chance pass on my thanks properly so I would be grateful if you are able to do that on my behalf."