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The Parsons Nose Sausages


The finest handmade specialty sausages made on our farm using our own

Large Black Pigs. Made from only the best cuts of meat and the freshest of

ingredients, expertly seasoned and hand linked, in natural skins. 

Approx 5-6 sausages to 500g.  Freshly made and suitable for home freezing.


Price all varieties @ £9.98/kg



A tasty traditional pork sausage perfect for any meal of the day


Pork & Fresh Apple

Made with our own fresh apples


Pork & Fresh Apricot

Voted one of the ten best in the country


Pork & Fresh Leek

Made with fresh leeks one of our best selling

Pork & Sun Dried Tomatoes

A delicious combination of pork and three types of tomatoes


Pork & Spinach

Popeyes favourite


Pork & English Country Mustard

Made with whole-grain mustard giving a wonderful taste and texture


Pork & Fresh Spring Onion

Made with fresh spring onions


Pork & Fresh Herbs

Delicately seasoned with the finest freshly cut sage and parsley


Pork & Wild Garlic

Delicately flavoured with wild garlic, gathered from the farm fields.


Pork & Spicy Apple

Made with Cajun Spice & fresh apple

Pork & Worcestershire Sauce

Marinates the meat as only Worcestershire sauce can. Tastes fantastic!


Pork & Mature Stilton

Made with the finest mature stilton, melts in your mouth


Pork & Spicy Garlic

Made with Cajun Spice & fresh garlic


Pork & Cider sausages

A fruity sausage full of taste


Cumberland Sausage

A home-made recipe great taste!


Traditional Chipolatas

A Christmas and Easter special



Pork & Black pudding sausages



Gluten Free Sausages


Price all £11.95/kg



(95% pork) sausage



(95%% pork) with black pepper, white wine, fresh garlic & seasoning



Made from only the best cuts of Large Black pigs and the freshest of ingredients. Expertly seasoned and hand linked, in natural skins. 

Approx 5-6 sausages to 500g. Freshly made and suitable for home freezing.

All of our products contain no transfats.  


Hereford Beef Sausage Selection


Price - all varieties @ £12.90/kg


Beef & Worcestershire Sauce sausages 


Beef & English Country Mustard sausages 


Beef & Horseradish sausages

Our Sausages 1

Beef Burgers 



100% Hereford or Dexter beef


(approximately 226g/8oz per burger) 


Price @ £11.90/kg (approx £2.69 each)

Speciality Pies



Homemade hand raised individual hot water crust pies

Pies are sold in two sizes 


420g @ £5.00 each 
210g @ £2.75 each


Homemade Steak  & Ale pie


Pork, Cider & Apple


Pork & Stilton


Venison & Red wine


Chicken & Ham


Chicken & Leek


Traditional Pork pie


Homemade pasties made with traditional short crust pastry £4.50


Large hand made sausage rolls made using puff pastry £5.00

Please note that all the above prices quoted are for retail if your enquiry is of a wholesale nature or you wish to purchase a large quantity please contact us either by email or phone (01600 740441).

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